Friday, March 11, 2011

Business Names That Suggest Speed and Immediacy of Delivery and Service

These days we talk of romcoms, biopics and docudramas instead of romantic comedies, biographical films and dramatized documentaries. Texting has spawned a host of abbreviations, such as 'soz' for sorry, 'defo' for definitely and 'lol' to show amusement. Life is getting busier; we've got more to say and write and less time to do it in. And so, we need to get our words out more quickly. Businesses have gone through the same process; Oil of Ulay shortened its name to Olay, Kentucky Fried Chicken became KFC and Federal Express is now FedEx. The same is true of charities and non-profits, who know that they need to get their message across quickly if they are to attract donations. What was once the National Marriage Guidance Council is now simply Relate, the National Schizophrenic Fellowship became Rethink and the National Council of Voluntary Child Care Organisations shortened its name to Children England.
We shorten words when we are in a hurry and have our eye on a speedy result. Think about your business and your customers' needs. Is speed a factor? Are your customers keen to get a job done as quickly as possible? If you are a plumber, a computer repair specialist or a recruitment agency, then yes, the likelihood is that your customers are more interested in the result of your work than the process itself. Having a short name, or a name that incorporates initials or texting abbreviations, will persuade customers that speed matters to you, too. The salad bar chain in the UK, Chopp'd, is an example of a name that has been deliberately truncated to convey the selling point of the company ie 'we serve you fast.' Another example of a company whose name suggests a speedy, no-frills approach is Phones 4U.
Not all businesses want to emphasize speed. If you are a traditional artisan or craftsperson, then you may want to highlight the time and loving care you put in to your work. If you sell wedding dresses, then again, having a name that suggests you want to do the job as quickly as possible will probably be counter-productive. Brides-to-be want to take time choosing their dress. They probably want to try on lots of dresses before they make a decision. A terse name such as We Get You Wed or Brides R Us will not work.
When it comes to choosing a good name for your business think about the image you want to project. If you want to emphasize speed, immediacy or a rapid turnover, then plan on creating a short name that is speedy to say and quick and easy to type in the computer address bar.
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